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Defender Nutritive Pack

We have changed the storable food business forever. Each Defender Pack comes with 124 servings of our traditional GMO-Free, Easy-Fix...


Grab -n- Go

At NuManna you never overpay for oatmeal and sugary drink mixes. 70 servings of lunch and dinner, and we throw...


No-Gluten * Family Pack

At NuManna you never over-pay for Oatmeal and sugary drink mixes. 116 Servings of lunches and dinners and we throw...


Family Pack

At NuManna you never over-pay for a lot of Oatmeal and sugary drink mixes. 118 Servings of lunches and dinners...


Power Hour Endorsement

“As a listener to The Power Hour radio show you know that we have always held to the highest standard that we possibly can when it comes to any of our products. Many people have also asked us why we didn’t have one brand of storable food we promoted. Well, the reason is that there hasn’t, to my opinion, been any storable food that I would put my name behind. That is, until now.
Let me introduce you to NuManna Storable Foods. How exciting and reassuring to know that not only are there NO GMO’s in the food but that, according to my reassurance from the founders of NuManna, there is also NO Soy and complete Gluten Free options. It’s also important to note that not only does the company make the statement but they back that up with independent evaluation and testing. There are vegetarian recipes for all of you, like me who have been waiting for these packaged items. No fake meat products, no soy, no GMO, no gluten, now do you see why we are so excited to be partnering with NuManna?
Food you can trust. I’m so thrilled to be partnering with NuManna and we will be doing shows regarding the food, how to purchase it and how to plan your purchases, all of this at The Power Hour at 877-817-9829 or 573-378-6049. Just to let you know we are selling this the old fashioned way, I take no money from NuManna for promoting them, they are the best.
There is no question that we need to stock up, no matter what your budget will allow, I think the weather alone, has certainly assured us of that. We are so proud to have new “Good Guys” joining the support of The Power Hour. They support us, we buy from each other and we all stay in business, doing the “next right and honorable thing.”
You can be assured I believe this is one of the best investments one can make. Remember, what they say, you can’t eat gold, you can eat this incredible tasting and healthy food. The Power Mall people absolutely love the food, ask them, they’ll tell you.”
For Health and Freedom,
Joyce Riley

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