NuManna Flex-Pay

For a limited time we are having a sale on our unique FLEX-PAY program. Obtaining storage for your family can be overwhelming. We realized people want the flexibility to pay monthly for their food storage. NuManna has made it as easy as possible to build your stores a little each month. Over time you can reach your goals and stay in control the whole time.

Simply choose an amount you would like to put toward NuManna food every month. Select the type of packages you would like us to send. We automatically charge you the selected amount and then ship your chosen packages as you build up enough to pay for them. It is that simple.

*You pick the type of packages you would like to have for your family–Grab n Go, Gluten Free, Family pack, etc.

*Decide what amount you would like to put toward building your stores every month. Any amount over $59.00.

*As you pay for the different buckets we ship them right out to you.

Now, the cool part. There is no contract. You can cancel any month. You can skip a month. You can also change your packages. You are in control. Our goal is always to serve the customers the best we can but we really bend over backwards for our Flex-Pay customers. If there are special packages you would like to build we can do that too. One month one bucket, the next another? No problem. No catches, no tricks, and you are not tied down. Flex-Pay is here to make preparedness work for you.

Allow us the opportunity to show you how simple and sensible a Flex-Pay package can be for your family.

To take advantage of NuManna Flex-Pay, give us a call at 1-888-597-0775.