Have you ever considered..food storage?

Food storage has always been a primary consideration for many.

Less than a lifetime ago the world was in a financial crisis. The affects were seen throughout the planet. In some countries inflation made it cheaper to burn money than buy coal to stay warm. Starvation was hanging over people. Did you know in America over 7 million died of starvation and malnutrition during the Great Depression? It is a lesson we can all learn from. The following is a story from the Grandfather of a NuManna founder.

“My Grandfather was born in 1922. He was the oldest of three small children when the crash of 1929 came. It was hard for his family. My Great-Grandfather was a World War I Veteran that had been gassed along the front line. His lungs never were the same and his health deteriorated because of it. Things became extra hard for his family when he died the next year. His mother was left to raise three small children as the worst of times was spreading across the country. The “Roaring Twenties” had turned into the Great Depression.

Because they lived in the city, close to New York, farms were nowhere to be found. Food was scarce. There were days when all my grandfather had to eat was a single potato, uncooked. The burden became too much for his mother. They were so poor and there was so little food she had to make a choice. To save the youngest child she shipped her away to live with relatives outside the city rather than risk starvation. Many times my grandfather was unable to go to school because he didn’t have pants to wear. Hearing Grandpa tell his story was surprising. I didn’t really understand how bad things were. The look on my Grandfather’s face as he told me spoke volumes.

I guess you could say preparedness is more than part of how I was raised. When generations endure such unique and difficult times it becomes part of your DNA. The idea of something like the depression being impossible today is foolishness to our family. The experiences of my grandfather are life lessons he made sure to pass down.”

Buying storable food is a choice. You either believe there is a need for a store of food in your home or you don’t. Virtually any budget can take action. Most budgets can take significant action. Our FLEX-PAY makes it even easier to build a store of quality food. How you prepare and what you use to enhance your family’s peace of mind becomes a conscious decision. There are many reasons why someone would by food storage. The list might include:

1. Don’t trust the economic climate of our country.
2. Saves money buying food in advance to fight inflation. As the price of food increases you already have food you bought at a lower price.
3. Convenience. It is certainly more convenient to have food ready so you do not have to run to the grocery store every time you turn around.
4. It is a prudent measure to prepare for uncertain and unexpected events…like job loss, prolonged illness, natural disaster, etc.
5. You believe there is a possibility of crop failures, shortages and disruption in food distribution.
6. You think the cycles of history will repeat and there will be a depression-like event that makes food scarce and extremely valuable.
7. Your family or those who you care about may experience some of these things and you want to be in a position to help them.

It may be difficult to discuss these possibilities but it is the wise thing to do. If you have felt the impression to “Get Prepared” then you are not alone. Family preparedness is a growing trend in our country. We talk to people throughout America who tell us they have recently felt compelled to start stocking storable food. There is a sense of urgency in many like never before. Something seems to be in the air. We at NuManna have felt it too. NuManna has thought long and hard about the possibilities and realizes the unknown is staring us in the face. Our goal to help people be prepared. With our Premium food we believe you can prepare well.