Gluten, Soy & GMO Free

The affects of food on our overall health have never been a bigger concern. Chemical preservatives, food allergies, gluten intolerance, and certainly Genetically Modified (GMO) foods are all challenging our well-being.

NuManna Foods is well aware of these problems. The founders of NuManna have their own special dietary needs and were seeking storable foods without Aspartame, or High Fructose Corn Syrup before NuManna began. GMO-free ingredients and gluten-free options were also a high priority and they wanted to avoid MSG where possible. They didn’t find storable food meals quite up to the standards set for their own family. So, they decided to create them and became one of the first storable food makers of its kind to offer such selective and chemically free products.

We understand customers with exacting standards. We understand how food intolerance can be overwhelming. We also realize the Human body cannot eat preserved typed foods for an extended period of time without getting sick. Your food storage and emergency supplies should not be a health crisis. We work to meet and exceed your expectations and make it easy to find the high-quality storable foods you want and need without sacrificing flavor or value.

Allow our pursuit of quality preparedness food overcome the frustration you may have felt in searching out healthy food storage. Our standard packages are Certified 100% GMO-Free with no preservatives, no Soy, no Autolyzed yeast. We also offer complete Gluten-free buckets with the same chemical and preservative-free standard. NuManna is a true innovator in healthy and chemically free storable foods. And you know if it’s Numanna you’ll love the taste!

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*Note: there is understandable concern about certain ingredients, like Autolyzed yeast Extract, that may contain MSG or “MSG like” molecular structures. Many people have sensitivities to such ingredients. We are very concerned about this and are always working to eliminate such ingredients and in the near future are planning to introduce alternative to “Hydrolyzed Proteins” where possible. We have already eliminated AYE from our recipes as well as Soy.

Part of the challenge is that glutamic acids are often erroneously identified as MSG and are found in many common foods such as tomatoes. The FDA is changing its designation as to what qualifies as MSG. Even breast milk is high in glutamic acid that is now classified as MSG. At Numanna, we are constantly improving our product and it is our goal to be as clean and stress free for our customers as possible. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call @ 888.597.0775. We would love to hear from you as that is the best way for us to improve NuManna.