What is Nascent Power Iodine?

Nascent Iodine is an atomic form of Iodine that is readily available to humans. Because Nascent Iodine holds an electromagnetic charge it is readily utilized into our systems. Your body easily recognizes and assimilates the Power Iodine where it is needed most. Unlike some other forms of Iodine it has shown to be safe and highly effective.

History and uses of Nascent Iodine

Historically Nascent iodine has many applications aside from aiding in healthy thyroid function. It is often used by dentists for tissue regeneration when patients are recovering from tooth extractions. Other common uses are as a germicide and to purify water.

Unlike most forms of consumable iodine, Nascent iodine works to naturally balance the thyroid to a state of homeostasis. Research suggests this balancing positively regulates hormone production, thus increasing our overall energy levels and aiding in the detoxification process.

Because of the way the Numanna Power Iodine is absorbed it also reduces bromine, chlorine and fluoride storage in the body. While the research is still recent, this could mean that iodine aids in the removal of free radicals and heavy minerals in the human body.

Power Iodine added to water also has the traditional purifying benefits of other iodine. After taking appropriate water safety measures 10-15 drops per liter of water is recommended. Whether backpacking or for home storage Power Iodine is conveniently packaged and simple to take with you.

During radiological exposure, such as the horrific events at Fukushima, radioactive isotopes look to the human body for the path of least resistance. The common entry point is our undernourished thyroid gland. The immediate and long-term damage to the thyroid is of the greatest concern during exposure. Power Iodine works to eliminate such risks. When the thyroid is properly full of iodine there is no room for the radioactive isotopes to damage a sensitive gland. Nascent forms of iodine are by far the most effective.


Why Power Iodine?

Power Iodine from NuManna is a 21st century solution to iodine deficiency. It is a revolutionary form of a nano-colloidal, highly bio-available Nascent iodine. Power Iodine contains no GMO ingredients, is Gluten and Soy free, is Vegan and is in an alcohol free –glycerin Kosher base. It is simply the purest and most effective form of iodine supplementation on the market today. From detoxification to protection to increased energy…why wouldn’t you trust Power Iodine for your iodine supplementation?