Food Storage

Flexible, ready-to-fix meals as easy to prepare as boiling water; in handy to store buckets designed to stack. And they actually taste good! Each meal comes packaged in a 5mm over-engineered bag with an oxygen absorber designed to store well over 25 years. All meals are Certified 100% GMO-Free, contain No added mono-sodium glutimate, and have No chemical preservatives. If you are looking for storable foods why wouldn’t you choose NuManna?

For larger orders, please contact us at 1-888-597-0775


Same chemical and preservative free formulas as our standard buckets except completely Wheat Gluten-Free. Food storage shouldn’t be a health crisis. For those looking for tasty meals that meet their gluten-free requirements they should look no further. Great tasting, easy-to-fix meals come standard with every NuManna food package. We guarantee it. If you are looking for Gluten Free food storage then why not prepare with NuManna?

Water Filters

Do you know what’s in your water? Would you let your children drink it if you did? What would you do for water in an emergency situation? We searched throughout the industry for the best filters for our families. PROPUR water filters, Pro-One DM, take out everything you expect like chlorine, lead and arsenic and biological hazards as well as FLUORIDE and glyphosates (pesticides). PROPUR is simple to use-just fill the top reservoir and let gravity do the rest. They are NSF certified, require no electricity and allow you to filter tap water today or pretty much any water source in an emergency. Could your family find a filter like this useful?

(There are non-fluoride removal filter options…call or email for options)